IOHA 2021

  • Title The 12th IOHA International Scientific Conference, IOHA 2021
  • Date 11-15 September 2021
  • Theme Bridging Gaps in OH Development, Opening New Horizons
  • Official Website
  • Organized by Korean Industrial Hygiene Association (KIHA)
  • Co-hosted by Korean Industrial Hygiene Association (KIHA), International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA)

Host Organizations

  • Korean Industrial Hygiene Association

    The Korean Industrial Hygiene Association (KIHA) was founded on April 28, 1990, by a group of Korean industrial hygienists. As of 2021, it has a total of 560 members.
    Meanwhile, KIHA has dealt with occupational health issues that are probably inevitable due to the characteristics of the export-driven economic model that Korea is pursuing. It has been striving to identify and improve the cause of occupational illnesses, such as carbon disulfide poisoning or the occupational diseases in semiconductor industry, in the field, not just in the office. Through this process, it has been communicating throughout the world and contributing to the development of global occupational hygiene network.


  • International Occupational Hygiene Association

    The International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) is an association of occupational hygiene organizations from across the world. All of these are dedicated to the discipline and application of the inherent principles of occupational hygiene.


    A safe and healthy working environment for all.


    Enhance the international network of occupational hygiene associations that promotes, develops and improves occupational hygiene worldwide, providing a safe and healthy working environment for all.