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Case study of In-depth Work Environment Measurement and Assessment in Occupational Disease Epidemiology Investigation

  • Moderator Jee Yoen Jeong(Department of Occupational and Environment Health, Yong In University, Korea, Republic of)

Advancing Occupational Hygiene Education Internationally on Three Fronts: 1) Formal Academic Program Development, 2) Philanthropic Grass-Roots Outreach and Collaboration, and 3) Structured Online Certificate Programs

  • Moderator Thomas Fuller(Illinois State University, USA)

Expanding Occupational Safety and Health for Disabled Workers

  • Moderator Thomas Fuller(Illinois State University, USA)

Occupational Hygiene in the Informal Recycling Sector

  • Moderator Jack Caravanos(New York University, School of Global Public Health, USA)

Addressing the workforce capability and capacity for occupational hygienists in New Zealand

  • Moderator Derek Miller(Health and Safety Association of New Zealand, New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society, New Zealand)

Identification of Known, New and Emerging Work-Related Diseases

  • Moderator Yogindra Samant(Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, Norway)
  • Co-Moderator Lode Godderis(University of Leuven, Belgium)

International Cooperation

  • Moderator Rene Leblanc(IOHA / GHD Consultant, Canada)

Exposure assessment tools for occupational safety and health regulations: state of the art and directions for the future

  • Moderator Henri Heussen(Cosanta BV, Netherlands)

Overcoming Challenges in Chemical Exposure Assessment: From Field Work to Controls Implementation

  • Moderator Wan Sabrina Wan Mohamad(Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association (MIHA), Malaysia)

Sampling and Analytical Challenges in Meeting Ever- Lower OELs for Metals and Metalloids

  • Moderator Steven Verpaele(Nickel Institute, Belgium)

Control Banding as Risk Communication

  • Moderator David Zalk(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)